How to Learn Business plan

The entrepreneur explained

An entrepreneur stands or falls with a good entrepreneur. So the part about yourself is a very important

chapter. The best products and services in the best situation will still cause bankruptcy if the

entrepreneur makes the wrong decisions.

business plan


This is often one of the first chapters in a business plan. This shows your expertise, knowledge and

motivation. While writing the business plan, many things are still unclear, but who you are and what

your work experience looks like so far is usually already clear.



A good business plan also provides insight into what drives the entrepreneur and what his expectations

for the future are. What is your vision? Your mission? Describe here what you want to achieve in five

years. Write this section so that it becomes clear that you have the necessary experience and motivation

to make it a profitable business.

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The company

What type of company do you choose and do you have permits and a location or other essential points

of your company that you want to mention? These parts fit into the business plan under the heading

“the company”. Below you can also describe your product or service. You can also briefly name

important matters such as the workspace, employees or other larger decisions. Make sure you do this

succinctly, because the financial or marketing side of your business will be discussed in a later chapter.


Marketing plan

marketing plan In your marketing plan you will focus more on your product or service, and how you will

put it on the market. To begin with, you therefore have a description of your offer. Then you explain

what the market looks like and what has happened in this market in recent years and how you see the

future of this. Why you think people will change their purchasing behavior and buy a product or service

from you.


You explain in detail how you will recruit your new customers. You make an analysis of your target

group (and competitors) and describe how you conquer it. In particular, all Ps are shown here. Your

price, your promotion, product and place. In addition, a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses,

Opportunities and Threats) is often reflected in the marketing plan. A SWOT is not mandatory, but it

provides so much clarity about the company so quickly that it is advisable for the entrepreneur himself

to think about this.


Financing plan

The financing plan is also an important part. Here you describe how you as an independent

entrepreneur will finance everything. The business plan is a plan to have a common thread in the

coming period and finances are regularly one of the biggest parts. This often contains an investment

plan (overview of costs) and operating budget (future profit and loss account). It is often supplemented

with a liquidity plan, in which you explain when you need which money in your account.


Certainly if money from an external factor (bank, seed capital, crowdfunding, business financing ) is

needed, the financier naturally wants to know what happens to the money they give you. In the financial

part of the business plan you can explain what you think you need, for what, and what you will do with



Do you want to start your own business? Prepare to register at the Chamber of Commerce and also take

into account all costs for your own company in your plan.


Use example business plan

example business plan the content of a business plan differs per business idea. That is not to say that a

good example of a business plan cannot help you further. There is certainly nothing to take a look at

how someone else described their plans to start a business. Many examples of business plans can be

found online. Also see for yourself what you like about the plans that you can find online.


Also see if you can find a plan written for a similar purpose. If you have to convince a bank, the table of

contents of an example business plan of a bank is of course useful to go through. Do you want to

convince a partner of your business idea? Then you might want to focus more on the inspiration of the

plan and the chapter on your motivation.


As long as you don't forget the rest of the plan and really make it your own. Because no matter how

good the examples are, ultimately someone else's plan is nothing more than that: inspiration and a

guideline. So don't use it literally as a template to also put your business ideas on paper.

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